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Harmonious World, Promising Future

With a global view to great harmony, the Longjitaihe Group gathers knowledgeable persons from all sides, launches the development steps of China to the world, creates the splendid colors of every era and paves a bright path towards a better future on a vast stage.

Longjitaihe Group President Wei Shaojun
Representative of the 12th National Congress
9th and 10thHebei CPPCC Member
National Model Worker
Vice Chairman of the 11th Hebei Federation of Industry and Commerce
Member of the 9thCouncil of the China Enterprise Confederation and Chinese Enterprise Association
Recipient of the May 1st Labor Medal of Hebei Province
Excellent Private Entrepreneur of Hebei Province


The ancients said, 'In the usages of ritual, it is harmony that is prized'. This oriental wisdom emphasizes the coordination between the subject and the object, pursuing the integration between the present and the future so as to achieve a harmonious and orderly industrial realm.

At the beginning of its establishment, the Longjitaihe Group set up its enterprise core idea: harmony. 'Harmony' is our ultimate standard of judgment on economic, urban and living civilization, as whole human civilization. It is also Longjitaihes enterprise soul and spiritual guidance, and the action platform for advancing all kinds of undertakings towards success. Under the banner of harmonious culture, Longjitaihe puts individual pursuits, the dreams of the team and social needs into the planning of development. With an unprecedented responsible spirit and the concept of the landscape, and relying on powerful and unyielding resource integration competence, Longjitaihe practices its comprehension of public rules and has made progress in many social undertakings including harmony between buildings and nature, harmony between buildings and cities, harmony between humans and buildings, harmony between humans and life, and harmony between humans and humans. This iour pleasure.

Undergoing over 20 years of time and tide, Longjitaihe has stretched over the most brilliant 'golden age' of Chinas social development. Our numerous deeds actually verify the universal truth that only by keeping up with the progressing trend of the era and grasping the pulse of national development can one contribute greater positive energy to society and fulfill oneself.

We sincerely invite our friends from all walks of life to ally under the banner of 'harmony' and work together to achieving the goal of a harmonious society in China. In the future, the light of 'harmony' will be even more dazzling.

Longjitaihe Group President:

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