Goodness is the foundation; harmony creates the world

Innovate public benefit practices; transmit public benefit culture; fulfill public benefit responsibilities. Undertaking its responsibilities, sharing concerns and passing on warmth in the name of 'harmony'; this is Longjitaihe's long-term cause and pursuit.

Strategic Target

Longjitaihe's enterprise social responsibility is expressed on two levels: enterprise operation and social benefits. On the level of enterprise operation, Longjitaihe takes fabricated green building materials and the clean energy industry as its core, and makes contributions to the construction of sustainable development. On the level of social public benefit, depending on the Harmony Fund, Longjitaihe offers its compassion in various fields such as providing disaster relief, salvation, poverty relief and contributing money to help students; in these ways, it practices corporate citizenship and fulfills its social responsibility.

On the level of enterprise operation, in the annual new-opened projects, fabricated residences show an average annual increase situation, and its growth rate will be 30% in 2020; houses with refined decoration show an average annual increase, and its growth rate will be 30% in 2020, contributing mental and physical efforts to creating the low-carbon society. The smart energy business finished its representative project in 2016, related to industry, commerce and residential energy services. The construction of the smart energy overall control platform and various project construction sub-control platforms of the enterprise are completed, and due to be popularized from Hebei Province nationwide in 2017-2018.

On the level of social public benefit, the Harmony Fund will enter new regions and cities of business development synchronously, providing services for the region and community in numerous fields such as providing disaster relief, salvation and poverty relief, contributing money to help students and fulfilling the social responsibilities of the enterprise.

Strategic Action

Harmony Fund

Longjitaihe ensures the strategy of public benefit caring for the stakeholders of the enterprise, releases the public benefit value of the ' Harmony Fund ' in brand transmission at the earlier stages before entering a city, aims to implement public benefit donations for people living in extreme poverty in its business locations so as to embody the enterprise's 'favourable human conditions' spirit, keeps an eye on community public benefit, and fulfills social responsibility to realize the enterprise's strategic target of returning public resources to society.

Business Operation

The Innovative Green Architecture Technology Scientific and Technical Corporation subordinate to Longjitaihe conducts the research and development, design, production and construction of fabricated buildings, and possesses many international patents at the highest domestic level; it has also built the largest single commercial project in Asia and the highest fabricated shear wall structure nationwide. It is the main force of energy-saving construction in the northern region. The enterprise has ensured regulations in which newly built projects will increase the fabricated building application ratio of Hechuang to achieve a double harvest of quality construction and energy conservation & emission reduction.

Longi Tech Smart Energy Holding Limited is the pacesetter from photovoltaic components and parts manufacturing to the development and operation of photovoltaic power stations and smart energy solutions in China, providing all-round smart services to the supply side and consumption side, and making contributions to building the low-carbon society of China with its all-round one-stop clean energy service system.

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